Only in Canada

A 37 yr old man was arrested Wednesday for high sticking at the City Centre Mall in Edmonton. He assaulted 6.5 people – 3 shoppers, 2 security guards, and one pregnant woman (they were all ok) – before being escorted to the penalty box a.k.a. mental hospital.

That’s right, an adult Canadian male walked into a shopping mall with a hockey stick and proceeded to hit random people with it, proving once again that hockey is Canada’s sport.

Update: A person who actually met one of the victims after the attack stops by in the comments section and I’ve included a link to his post on the incident

3 Responses to Only in Canada

  1. Chris says:

    It’s like VH1 ‘Where Are They Now?’ with Marty McSorely…

  2. taxi talk says:

    He stole the stick from the sport check, I found the girl he hospitalized and the manager of the spot check told me thats where the stick came from

  3. Joe Cure says:

    That’s nuts! I guess everyone was lucky he didn’t choose a more “effective” weapon of choice.

    FYI – TaxiTalk’s post on this event is here (warning offensive language… if you believe in such a thing :))

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