Why Clear Channel SUCKS part 1 of ?

I’m sure this is common knowledge by now, but until recently I was unaware that after the September 11th attacks Clear Channel put out a list of 166 songs with “questionable lyrics” that their affiliate stations were “suggested” not to play (although “strictly prohibited from playing” is more accurate).

Included in this list: every Range Against the Machine song (why?), Walk Like an Egyptian by the Bangles (aparently CC execs need a geography lesson), and John Lennon’s Imagine.


5 Responses to Why Clear Channel SUCKS part 1 of ?

  1. hcghardmoney says:

    What was the purpose of the list? Why did they do this? These may be stupid questions, but I never heard about that.

  2. Joe Cure says:

    To be PC I guess. To be fair, some songs might not have been appropriate for a few days (or weeks) after, but (1) most people liked it better when FM radio stations didn’t have to worry about being “appropriate” (2) by the looks of the list the songs were chosen by their title rather than what they are actually about, again showing CC’s musical ignorance, and (3) laughter is the best medicine anyway.

    Too soon for Blue Oyster Cult’s “I’m Burning for You”? I say if it’s too soon then the terrorists have truly won

  3. Did you hear about the radio stations that were getting into trouble for playing songs from major record companies simple because they were paid to.

  4. Joe Cure says:

    All the coverage from what you’re talking about can be found here.
    This article gives a better explanation of what really happens.

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