Brilliant Guerrilla Marketing Idea #1

Any time you encounter a publicly used computer, navigate to your website and add it to the favorites.

I was in a Mac store today and had a sudden burst of inspiration. Minutes later, every computer in the store was displaying the beautiful Senior High Sports homepage.

5 Responses to Brilliant Guerrilla Marketing Idea #1

  1. Marc Goodin says:

    Ok if you were already in the mac store, but not sure it would be worth making a special trip.

    If you came up with one idea on the spot – I’m sure you will come up with more – keep posting them.

    To better marketing,


  2. Joe Cure says:

    Right. Definitely not worth making a special trip. The point is simply there are a ton of little things that can be done to increase traffic in every day life and this is one of them.

    Will continue to post as inspiration strikes 🙂

  3. mary cure says:

    I thought that was clever Joe and absolutely free. In MN. we are always driving. Do not even think it would mean an extra trip. It would mean an extra stop!

  4. brennan loughrey says:


  5. Anty M. says:

    Brillian Guirilla Marketing Tip for the world of office Cubes. How do you get your boss’s boss’s boss to stop at your cube. Answer # 1 is to be one of the top sellers. However, if you aren’t in the top ten, then Solution #2 is to stand a funky decoration on the cube. It truely draws anyone new to area to stop and talk…even, the boss’s boss’s boss

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