The Sociology of Airports

Generally speaking, we interact with people similar to ourselves.  People with whom we share similar interests, experiences, heritages, etc.  One reason for this is that there are very few activities that span the Big 3 social divides: economic status, race, and age.

Thanks to Southwest and other bargain airlines, flying is one of the few – and possibly only – occasions in which we are actually exposed to the general population in America.  All other forms of public transportation exclude the rich and almost any other activity (entertainment, food, work, etc.) pools people of similar interests and/or backgrounds.

It’s not that there is a disproportionate number of weird people at airports (as I had previously thought), but that there are lots of weird people everywhere.  We just don’t run into them very often in every day life because they don’t work/shop/eat/live where we do.

5 Responses to The Sociology of Airports

  1. Goon says:

    some of the weirdiest people I have ever seen was at LA X. Yikes.
    Are you a sociology major too?

  2. Joe Cure says:

    Close enough, I’m a Philosophy major. LA certainly adds a whole new level of weird to airports but regardless of the city I always manage to consistently find the strangest people at airports. Keep up the good work at Goon’s World, I’m a big fan

  3. Bobby Anderson says:

    I live in Dallas and whenever I go to DFW it is some of the best people watching. Like Joe said, where else can you find the guy in a $2,000 suite and then next to him in line at the food court a guy wearing a stained NASCAR shirt with his ass crack showing. Great observation.

  4. goon says:

    I love to watch people sometimes you can make inferences about the three categories listed. I actually love Philosophy as a Sociology major.

    I don’t do much reading anymore though… Thanks for the nice comments. I stumbled onto your page it is pretty interesting stuff here. I actually have only read about three books since graduate school.

  5. Joe Cure says:

    That’s funny, the only time I read books is when I’m not in school… probably not a good thing.

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