Turn off Your Radio

May 28, 2008

… and listen to this. I Want My Youtube is a blog with hundreds of the best, most eclectic pieces of music on the web. The selection was put together by a guitar player who has spent large portions of his life in Santiago de Chile, Sydney, London, Delhi, and Hong Kong.  Not all of his choices are for everyone but it’s very obvious that each selection is among the best in its genre.

I’m drawn to this because I like many kinds of music but don’t know crap about Jazz, Blues, or pretty much anything else before 1960. As a result I usually end up listening to what I know. I Want My Youtube provides an easy entry point into less mainstream kinds of music and I’m not going to listen to much else on my computer for a very long time.

Seen and Heard #3

May 26, 2008

Inside a Los Angeles club…

Me: “Oh sorry I spilled my drink on you, do you want a napkin?”

Stuck up Girl: “Will you buy me a drink?”

Me: “No, I’m with someone… she’s right there”

Stuck up Girl: “But you spilled a drink on me”

Me: “Right, that’s why I gave you a napkin”

Chivalry is Alive and Well

May 25, 2008

NHL heavyweight George Laraque was wearing a microphone during this fight with Raitis Ivanans. Pre-fight Laraque to Ivanans – “Want to?… Ok…. Square up?…. Ok, good luck man.”

Twisted Humor

May 24, 2008

Not sure why I find jokes like this so funny… but I do.  I apologize in advance

A doctor goes out to the waiting room and says, “Mr. Smith, you can
come in and see your baby.”

Mr. Smith goes in to see the doctor holding a swaddled child. “Mr.
Smith, you’re the father of a baby boy, and I have amazing news: your
baby can fly! Just watch!” The doctor tosses the child in the air and
steps back. The infant falls with a sickening thud to the floor.

Mr. Smith cries out in horror as the doctor scoops up the baby.
“That’s weird, it worked before. Let me try again,” he says, hurling
the baby across the room. The baby bangs into the opposite wall and
again falls to the floor.

The dad runs over to pick up his child, but the doctor gets there
first. “Listen, I know he can fly, lemme try one more thing,” he says,
and, opening a window, throws the child outside. The baby, of course,
falls the eleven stories out the window to the ground.

With a scream of rage, the father tackles the doctor and wraps his
hands around the doctor’s neck, strangling him. With his last breath,
the doctor chokes out, “I was…just…kidding…your baby was…born

Football is Beautiful

May 22, 2008

I work at a social media website for football (soccer to us Americans). One of the perks of the job is I get to speak with football crazies from all over the world on a daily basis. Their passion is enviable and highly addictive. I don’t pretend to know the sport or culture but one thing that stands out to me at least, is the difference between American sports where the focus is more on individual athletes as opposed to football where a greater emphasis is placed on the club, community and tradition (or so it appears to this outsider looking in). So here’s my two cents – and it’s probably worth half that

Football is Beautiful

It’s far bigger than the players or the clubs

Football is a people, a culture, a community

It’s a history, tradition

And tradition, not measured in decades but moments.

It’s religion. Not a religion but the religion

More people in this world have met heaven on the verdant pitch than through a god of any other name

It requires faith, not faith in the unknown but faith in spite of what is all too well known.

Football is human and bares its own shortcomings and injustice

Football is life, hardly perfect but worth pursuing

Football releases the purest of emotion in spectators and participants.

In an instant men turn to children and boys to Gods,

Ecstasy and anguish separated by so little it must be fate

Or the capricious nature of a benevolent host.

Football is beautiful.

Update: Here’s the other side of the coin, an excellent post appropriately titled F*** Football

The Definition of Dichotomy

May 11, 2008

One of the best new bands in America, The Airborne Toxic Event, absolutely rocking the s*** out of the worst late night show in the history of television – Last Call with Carson Daly

Hockey Rules

May 6, 2008

Brendan Morrow on Milan Michalek 5/4/08.  Perfectly clean hit, Michalek left the game with a concussion.