Twisted Humor

Not sure why I find jokes like this so funny… but I do.  I apologize in advance

A doctor goes out to the waiting room and says, “Mr. Smith, you can
come in and see your baby.”

Mr. Smith goes in to see the doctor holding a swaddled child. “Mr.
Smith, you’re the father of a baby boy, and I have amazing news: your
baby can fly! Just watch!” The doctor tosses the child in the air and
steps back. The infant falls with a sickening thud to the floor.

Mr. Smith cries out in horror as the doctor scoops up the baby.
“That’s weird, it worked before. Let me try again,” he says, hurling
the baby across the room. The baby bangs into the opposite wall and
again falls to the floor.

The dad runs over to pick up his child, but the doctor gets there
first. “Listen, I know he can fly, lemme try one more thing,” he says,
and, opening a window, throws the child outside. The baby, of course,
falls the eleven stories out the window to the ground.

With a scream of rage, the father tackles the doctor and wraps his
hands around the doctor’s neck, strangling him. With his last breath,
the doctor chokes out, “I was…just…kidding…your baby was…born

4 Responses to Twisted Humor

  1. baba says:

    It’s plain humor in which i find myself less interested. Probably the punch line is more ‘schadenfreude’ than hilarious.

    The only thing catches my eyes is: it turns out to be your brain that is twisted instead of the humor!

  2. Joe Cure says:

    To me it’s pure hilarity, but objectively speaking you’re probably right about it being more schandenfreude. Can’t really argue the second point unfortunately 🙂

  3. cryndigo says:

    Ah, scadenfreude humor…morbidly hilarious. 😀

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