Crazy Guy at TechCrunch Mobile Web Conference

A couple of videos I took at the TechCrunch Mobile Web Wars Roundtable.

and the saga continues…


2 Responses to Crazy Guy at TechCrunch Mobile Web Conference

  1. The guy is not crazy. He’s right. It’s naive to think that there will be only one single vendor of anything in this world. Mike Arrogantington is just acting like he rules the world. Who is he to trash talk about multi-billion companies like Nokia? Even if Apple becomes #1 (which will never happen), Nokia will still be #2 or even #3 and you should never discount anybody from the top 10. Right now, Apple is not even in the top 10 even. Next year, Ubuntu will have more market share on PC market than Apple, so, of course, Apple is just trying to survive. iPod is dead. Initially they said that iPhone will run only their stuff, but they realized this won’t fly.

    All this GPS thing will soon be in the news how people got in trouble by it and all kinds of horror stories due to their location being tracked. Divorces, kidnappings, rapes, arrests, etc. People will just turn this feature off or stay away from these types of phones. Yeah, the “cool” kids that nobody cares about can use it and advertisers love if everybody starts using it, but who cares about features that 1% of the population cares about.

    You all forgot excited by the nice interface how iPhone got easily cracked last year and turned into a device that records and sends home all convos around the phone. Add GPS tracking to this, secret picture/video taking and you’ll have the perfect spying platform! The feds, crimesters, and PIs will love it!

    Am I crazy guy #2? Let’s wait and see! Oh, let’s wait for Yahoo! OneConnect, too! Their Blueprint platform seems interesting, too. At the end, they’ve built a lot on top of it and support many different platforms.

  2. Joe Cure says:

    So a few points there – First, “crazy” is in reference to the guy’s utter lack of social awareness. Whether he is right is one discussion – and I believe some of his opinions are correct – whether he conveyed his message properly – which he certainly did not – is another. Anyone who was actually at the conference would agree he was very fortunate he wasn’t asked to leave.

    Is Apple the “one ring to rule them all”? Absolutely not. But you’re effectively arguing that Nokia is a relevant part of the future of mobile web simply because it has 100x more devices in service today than other competitors. Your argument “It’s big therefore it will succeed, or ‘still be #2 or #3′” isn’t even valid let alone sound (using those terms technically).

    Nokia may survive but if it does it won’t just be because they’re a giant in today’s market, they’ll need to build a much better platform

    I also disagree with your predictions about GPS. As many of the panelists noted, history has proven time and again that consumers will sacrifice privacy for additional functionality. Maybe you’re right and GPS will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back but, again, history isn’t on your side and at this point all you have is an opinion with no supporting empirical evidence (where as I do).

    As a consumer I share your excitement about the prospect of new platforms and believe there will be an immense added benefit to the users as a result of whatever Yahoo, Google, and anyone else ultimately comes up with. But keep in mind this added benefit is at the expense of the blood, sweat, and tears of many very talented development teams so you can understand why Pandora’s CEO, for example, isn’t too keen on having to deal with yet another platform in Android.

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