6 Things I Learned at TechCrunch August Capital Event

Here’s what I learned at the TechCrunch party

  1. LinkedIn receives up to $75 CPM and has annual revenue “Close to Facebook.” Me: “so like 300-350 million?” Him: “uh yeah close to Facebook” (meaning 250-300 million)
  2. Facebook does in fact value itself around 4 billion (suck it Microsoft)
  3. Sponsorship booths are a waste of time and money for most companies. Plista founders unanimously agreed they received exponentially more exposure from providing free beer and cute girls to serve it… who’d a thought?
  4. Julia Allison doesn’t look nearly as good in person but her friends certainly do
  5. Internship programs can provide a large amount of high quality labor at a relatively low cost to businesses of any size. Only one of the current TechCrunch interns is not from Stanford or an Ivy League University (University of Florida)
  6. Mixx is cool and so is its founder Chris McGill. I’ve been on Mixx for almost a year and like it because it’s incredibly easy to interact with other members. Turns out that was one of the 3 key components Chris had in mind when building the site (also to provide a more personalized/targeted news experience and incorporate a Digg like user voting system)

10 Responses to 6 Things I Learned at TechCrunch August Capital Event

  1. Rajab Bader says:

    You are lucky that you could attend such stuff. I’m so jealous, I’ve always wanted to go to SEO, Blogging & Internet conferences, but damn it, I’m in the other planet.

  2. […] what I was trying to do with Thingfo. Monday Morning Blogger thinks it’s better to come and promote yourself with free beer than getting a sponsor table. I met Dominik and I think he is a great networker and […]

  3. Joe Cure says:

    There are better ways to grow traffic on your blog Mike than by misquoting my post and then spamming the comments section to let me know (e.g. try posting some quality, original content).

    As stated above, it’s not my opinion that “it’s better to come and promote yourself with free beer…” but the opinion of each Plista representative at the meetup. I’m glad you had the chance to speak with Dominik, he is a nice guy, I spoke with all of them.

  4. And maybe to add something from our perspective: even though we got more exposure with the free beer, the sponsorship booth which we also had, was what ultimately got the attention for our product. For known companies just the attention is probalby fine, but for us the traction and recall is essential. And I think kaboodles red carpet, photographer and printing service worked out really well! Of course from a product side we didn’t had the chance for a natural match (shopping + clothing + photographer), but tried our best with the chain of associations of german beer, girls in dirndls, german engineering and all the stickers said “plista recommends you this beer” 🙂

    Andreas from http://plista.com
    Currently based in Berlin, Germany

  5. Chris McGill says:

    The feeling is mutual! Monday Morning Blogger IS “more than a blog”!

  6. Joe Cure says:

    Thanks for the input Adreas. I guess the points to take away from this are (1) the product itself and goals of the sponsorship (e.g. pure branding versus more traditional marketing) go a long way in determining what kind of campaign will be most effective but (2) possibly more important than any of that is to actively interact with the “common folk” (as all the Plista boys and Chris of Mixx did so well)

    Chris – yes thanks for highlighting my cheesy tagline… I take it all back 🙂

  7. Lauren says:

    Well Joe and Andy,,,,
    I have to say the German girls were by far my favorite part..
    One of them!

  8. Joe Cure says:

    And I think I speak for everyone at the party when I say… same here, and by the way what are you doing Saturday night?

  9. Jane Uggla says:

    Had a blast meeting everyone…thanks for the shout out Joe!! Jane “Beer Garden Girl”

  10. Lauren says:

    Saturday? Whats up?

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