Hello Death

An earthquake that registered 5.4 on the ricter scale just happened in Chino Hills, CA. I’m on the 10th story of an office building in Beverly Hills and our building violently swayed FEET back and forth for 1-2 minutes.

I’m not easily rattled but my hands are still shaking. Not to be overly dramatic but the feeling of utter helplessness in the future of your life is not an enviable one…

Update: I have the fortitude of a 3 year old girl. The actual earthquake only lasted 6-8 seconds but our building is (not surprisingly) on rollers as an earthquake safety measure so we “swayed” for a good 60-90 seconds. We were never in any kind of danger what-so-ever… yes mom I promise

7 Responses to Hello Death

  1. oldmanmiller says:

    At least you recognized it was an earthquake. I was on my way to hockey and felt my car rolling back and forth and took the following steps:

    1. Looked to see if I had totally missed major road construction.
    2. Wondered if the clutch was going out (again).
    3. Wondered if something had become misaligned in the engine and would soon explode.
    4. Wondered if there was a strong wind, then proceeded to open the window and put my hand in the air.
    5. Concluded it was the A/C as the rolling stopped when I turned off the A/C.

    Upon arrival at the ice rink I was asked if I “had felt the earthquake” and life made sense again. Could have been worse I suppose…

  2. Joe Cure says:

    Yeah, that whole dying thing seems like a less desirable option

  3. mary cure says:

    hi Joe. Well, time to move home!

  4. David Ochoa says:

    The quake in 94 was 10 times as strong.. there might have been just a tad more shaking involved in that one..

  5. Joe Cure says:

    Thank you David, it has already been established that I’m not the bravest of the bunch but it’s always nice to be reminded.

  6. Anty M. says:

    I almost called to make sure you were ok. Do know that I was worried about you. Omaha had a 90 mile an hour wind/hail/rainstorm about a month ago. I had to pull off the road, scratch that, I stopped in the middle of the road and put on my hazards….I could no longer see outside my windshield. I laid down in my front seat because a) the hail was going to crash through b) a tree was going to fall through and or c) the violent shaking of my car would stop becuase it was now air born….Totally and Completely terrifing. I’m with you Joe…funny that they call weathor accidnets “Acts of God.” Glad you are ok. Rumor has it that a Daedalus dump truck driver pulled a mother and her 3 year old out of the flood water a mere mile from where I was stopped(her car got swept up Saddle Creek near Dodge). Someday maybe they will figure out a way to give you a little notice before the shake, ratlle and swaying begins.

  7. Joe Cure says:

    An interesting point you make dear Aunty – with all the “knowledge” we have in this modern era, there is still no reliable way to predict earthquakes more than a few seconds prior to their ocurrance.

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