You Shouldn’t be Allowed to Vote in the 2008 Presidential Election if…. (Part 2)

August 29, 2008

… you believe McCain picked the best available running mate.

Nothing against Sarah Palin but she wasn’t even the most qualified woman available for the position (Meg Whitman, Kay Hutchinson)… and that’s not debatable, it’s a fact.  I’m not going to get into Palin’s “experience” because, quite honestly, any truthful account of her resume would seem like hyperbole.

Really, you can’t make this stuff up (or at leat I can’t, kudos to you Mr. McCain for furthering to blur the lines between fantasy and reality).  A 44 year old self described “hockey mom” of 5 running for Vice President?  Didn’t Disney make a movie about that a few years ago?

The good news is her husband is an oil production operator.  Shocking that she supports drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge…

Best Interview Question Ever

August 26, 2008

Google is famous for their creative interviewing techniques that include asking questions like “How many golf balls could fit inside a school bus” or “how much would you charge to wash the windows of every office building in Seattle, WA”.

The purpose of asking questions like these is obviously to evaluate the interviewee’s analytic reasoning skills, but that’s about all they test. Consider this question I artfully crafted:

Imagine today you were charged with the task of walking on the moon sometime in the next 20 years, and you had sufficient motivation for doing everything in your power to accomplish it (i.e. the fate of humanity depended on you getting to the moon… yes insert your own favorite overly dramatic cliche here). The point is you have 20 years to walk on the moon and will sacrifice anything and everything to make it happen. Do you think you could do it?

Now it is important to phrase the question this way – not “how do you do it” but “do you think you could do it”. The person’s initial reaction to this question is perhaps the most important part. Do they laugh, shrug it off, or dismiss it as impossible? Then they’re not the kind of person I want to work with. In business it’s never a matter of “if,” it’s simply a matter of “how.” And quite frankly, walking on the moon by 2030 is not beyond the realm of possibilities today.

Moving on to the explanation, in answering how they would reach the moon the interviewee does go through many of the same logical steps that he or she would in answering the stereotypical Google questions but again, with this question the responses are more revealing because imagining a way to the moon requires more creativity than counting golf balls in a bus does.

Does the interviewee take the traditional route and attempt to join NASA? Work for Richard Branson and hope for the opportunity to piggyback the crazy Brit? Join the private sector and create his or her own space program? Forge an alliance with a different country’s space exploration team? Continue at her current job, try to make a ton of money and pray in 20 years technology will have advanced to the extent where it’s possible to buy a ticket to the moon?

These are all great answers (mainly because I thought of them) but each one reveales a different thinking pattern as well as varrying degrees of preference for or tolerance of risk, hard work, luck, discipline, natural abilities, and self-sacrifice.

Try it. I personally guarantee success


August 4, 2008

To any website that still posts “Top 10” lists in the form of slideshows: please stop now. The game is up. Yes you have found a very clever way to increase your page impressions and pageviews per visit but it’s annoying as hell. ALMOST AS ANNOYING AS WRITING IN ALL CAPS.

I refuse to read or comment on any post in this form and strongly urge everyone else to do the same. It’s a huge pain in the butt to have to load a new page after every paragraph regardless of how fast my internet connection and super high tech Acer computer may be (mmmm… sarcasm).

I’m not going to say it again. Stop. Now.

You Shouldn’t be Allowed to Vote in the 2008 Presidential Election if…

August 3, 2008
  • The reason you’re voting for a candidate is because he will make you “safer” (skipping the double cheeseburger – and maybe a little exercise? – will do a hell of a lot more for your life expectancy than any American President)
  • You watch CNN, Fox News, or any other MSM political coverage to stay abreast with the race but have yet to watch a debate in its entirety (hint: coverage of the debate and the actual debate are two completely different things)
  • You don’t believe the opposing candidate has any positive policy initiatives (they do agree on some things)
  • You cite “God” “God’s teachings” or “God’s will” as a reason for supporting your candidate (have you learned nothing from the past eight years?… yes religious right I’m looking at you)

Leave any of your own in the comments section. The idea is these conditions should apply to BOTH sides 🙂

The Problem With Seth’s Triiibe

August 1, 2008

As I mentioned in my previous post, Seth Godin recently launched a private online community (or “triiibe”) for marketers, leaders, and anyone else interested as a way to market his new book (on marketing). More information about it here.

I thought this was an interesting idea (okay, I may have used the word “brilliant”) when I read about it on Seth’s blog and now I’m a member of the “Triiibe.” However, after thinking about the concept a bit more, I have a few concerns. Yes, it seems like a good idea in theory but I’m not convinced the way Seth has gone about creating his Triiibe will yield the desired results.

The inherent problem in Seth’s Triiibe is the way members were selected:

  1. Seth only announced the Triiibe on his blog and membership was open for 2 days (which means only regular readers of the blog had the opportunity to join)
  2. To join the tribe, readers had to pre-order Seth’s new book, “to create a small hurdle to get the right people in the door.” This isn’t a horrible idea but it’s the wrong kind of hurdle – easy to implement but does little to serve its expressed purpose (to get quality contributors in the tribe).

The issue at hand can best be represented by a good old fashioned Venn Diagram…

It’s very possible that I’m not giving Seth and his readership the credit they deserve – marketing hacks like me actually make up only a small minority of his following, and his hurdles are well thought out and effective. I truly hope this is the case, we’ll see…

Update: An interesting dialogue is taking place in the comments section with people from both sides (including one of Seth’s current interns) weighing in

Update #2: Mr. Seth Godin himself dropped by