Following the Pied Piper

My previous post addressesed the issue that Governor Palin was clearly not the best or most qualified VP candidate available (yes, whether she is the “right” candidate is another discussion but a subjective one to a greater degree).

The point of the post was: Hey, party allegiance aside, let’s not kid ourselves.  Palin was not the best available candidate and that’s not debatable, she wasn’t plain and simple.  Again, that doesn’t mean she wasn’t the “right” choice, just not the best.  “Right”= gets McCain more votes; “Best” = most qualified to fulfill the VP roles and responsibilities

Nouveau Republican supporters (if you hadn’t noticed the Republican party is slightly different than what it was a few decades ago) seem to be confusing the two (best and right) and lauding Palin’s nomination as both.  So if Palin is heralded as the BEST possible candidate – and that clearly isn’t the case – is there any (reasonable) VP candidate this group would have been critical of?

Or are they blindly following a political party, their very own Pied Piper…

Update: Palin sucks, I’m over it.  Any P**** related comments will be promptly deleted and the offending party(s) will be banned from MMB for life (yes huge loss I know)


2 Responses to Following the Pied Piper

  1. David Ochoa says:

    great analogy Joe with the Pied Piper.. I have to believe though the novelty of her as a possible VP will wear off before the November elections and the American public see through the whole facade of her candidacy.. or they won’t and we’ll end up drowning like the little kids..

  2. Joe Cure says:

    She sucks to such unfathomably epic proportions I can’t even begin to comprehend the scope of her deficiencies

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