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Media Addicts’ first album.  They’re a jazz quartet led by my boy Billy Graczyk on guitar.  It’s one of those things that might not be your speed at first but if you throw it in and go about your business it’ll grow on you like melanoma after a long day at the beach… except way better.  From CD Baby:

Media Addicts is a quartet featuring Billy Graczyk on Guitar, David Hirsch on Saxophone, Brent Wallace on bass, and Eric Miller on drums.    They came together while attending McNally Smith college of Music in St. Paul Minnesota.  They’re influenced by such artist as Mahavishnu Orchestra, Chick Corea, Chris Potter, Miles Davis, Tool and countless others. They have a very diverse taste in music which creates for a unique and different sound that is completely their own.  They pride themselves in working endlessly on mastering their craft, always keeping there music honest, and having no boundaries.  You can check out where you can find all the latest details.  Look for great things from this quartet in years to come!

Update: Band summary edited for grammar and spelling.  McNally Smith College might teach its students how to play sick diatonic chords but apparently not the difference between “their” and “they’re”


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