Is Hurricane Ike also “God’s Will”?

Ultraconservative Christian nut jobs had a field day (or year) when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005.  Repent America, among other hate based organizations, claimed Katrina was “God’s judgement on New Orleans.”  Fred Phelps’ comment was especially poignant:

“New Orleans, symbol of America, seen for what it is: a putrid, toxic, stinking cesspool of f*g fecal matter…”

(The original text of this quote has since been taken down but is cited by Wikipedia and many other sources)

So now that Huricane Ike has devestated large portions of Texas and the Bible Belt are we to assume that God hates Christians too? 🙂


2 Responses to Is Hurricane Ike also “God’s Will”?

  1. David Ochoa says:


    At what point do you think that the pendulum will swing the other way and organized religion as a whole will be looked upon as being a hindrance to the advancement of cultural tolerance? I know this is already the case with the perception of Islam but as the ultraconservative become louder,could this division happen with Christianity?

  2. Joe Cure says:

    Yeah I’d be careful there. The debate whether organized religion is more of a help or hindrance to society has been around since the inception of organized religion itself. And that’s true of all kinds of radical religion be it Christianity, Islam, Judaism, or anything else. The only reason it may seem like this is already or more the case with Islam as opposed to Christianity is because we live in a predominantly Christian nation. Keep in mind it was only a few centuries ago that innocent men and women were being executed for “witchcraft” in the name of a Protestant God.

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