My 1964 Jeffries

I generally don’t write about my personal life here but in this case I’m making an exception.

Last week I bought a 35′ 1964 Jeffries (pictured below) and starting October 23 the boat will be my primary residence.  There isn’t much information available online about the process of buying and reconditioning boats so I’m going to post my experiences here; possibly to be used as reference by anyone trying to do the same in the future, but more realistically to serve as comedic relief for my friends and family…


13 Responses to My 1964 Jeffries

  1. Kelly says:

    LOVE the old school steering wheel thats awesome! It’s so nice, you didn’t give the feller enough cred–soo when will it be ready for big pimpin on the high seas–cuz duh I’ll be there!

  2. Joe Cure says:

    Should be ready by the time I move in. The boat will be completely rewired (so I don’t get electrocuted) next week and hopefully the engines will be repaired by the middle of October but we’ll see.

    I’ll keep the status updated here so you can check back to see the progress. I’ll have some good stuff for tomorrow…

  3. Gregg Sawyer says:

    Way cool- I have always wanted to live on a boat- all the more reason to come for a visit! I’ll cook

  4. Joe Cure says:

    You’ve only been saying that for 5 years now… had I know this is what it would take to get your butt out here I’d have done it a long time ago

  5. Anty M. says:

    Do you shower over the toilet….? I now, midwesterner question. Way way cool Joe. How cold is the coldest night? What city is the boat docked in? I guess there isn’t much room for out of town quests. m

  6. Joe Cure says:

    @ Anty M – (1) The shower is functional but I won’t use it very often b/c I don’t like to bathe and part of the bathroom is wood that probably shouldn’t get wet on a regular basis. (2) It’ll get down to maybe 40 at night in January, gotta love SoCal weather (3) It’s in Marina del Ray, the greatest harbor in the world (4) there is a very nice hotel close by 🙂

  7. Anty M. says:

    I love You SO MUCH.

  8. goon says:

    what do you do in a time of a hurricane?

  9. Joe Cure says:

    Pray :). Currently the Pacific Ocean is still too cold around Los Angeles for hurricanes but it’s possible climate change/global warming will change this in the future. The boat is harbored in a slip so it’s fairly well protected but I’m not sure I want to find out what a storm would be like

  10. goon says:

    Hey I can see why you would want to live in a boat then. I can imagine it would be relaxing hearing the waves hit the boat?

  11. Joe Cure says:

    Honestly it reminds me of home a little bit. It’s about as close as I’m going to get to a great MN summer day out on the lake. I love Los Angeles but like with any big city it’s tough to get away from everything and this will help a lot with that.

    Great post on Kessel. I’ll definitely be pulling for him this season

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