Since I Can’t Say it Better Myself…

… I won’t.  From Bob Lefsetz’s (marginally offensive) blog:

America is pissed about so much.  And feels too often that politicians don’t care about them.  And there’s scads of ignorance, purveyed by biased talk show hosts and bloviating, supposedly neutral, TV talking heads.  And everybody’s afraid.  You get people saying Sarah Palin won the Vice Presidential debate and you wonder if you watched the same show.  When I didn’t answer the questions in school, I flunked.  And suddenly, by going to school, working damn hard, studying to get good grades to get into a good college, I’m an elitist, my opinion is to be discounted.

I shouldn’t have gone to public school, I should have gone to a parochial institution, to be indoctrinated in viewpoints that don’t square with reality. Worse yet, be home schooled… tell me you can get infections hanging with the underprivileged in regular high schools, that you can teach your kids better than those underpaid teachers.  But what about socialization, what about opposing viewpoints?  How can there be a dialogue when there’s not another side?

And that’s what we have in America today, only one side.  Everybody’s on his own side, only speaking to himself and like-minded people.

It’s easy to bash America and Americans right now and that’s not my intent.  Just like any other country, America has its own pros and cons; we’re taking our lumps now and will come out the other side all the better for it.

However, Lefsetz makes points worth considering – why do so many place so little importance on things like academic ability and experiencing diversity (be it diversity in race, religion or opinion)?  Why is there an increasing tendency to polarize, to associate with a like-minded group of “yes friends”?

Are our beliefs really that fragile?


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