My First Night at Sea

…well not exactly at sea (docked at Mariner’s Bay) but the boat was in the ocean and I grabbed a solid 6 hours of zzzz’s.  It was the first night I’ve spent on my new (old) boat and it was fantastic.  A sleeping bag on plywood beats anything that crap Westin has to offer

I replaced the “bed” (see new plywood under the sleeping bag) by tracing the old pieces on new 4×8 sheets of 3/4″ plywood and using an orbital jig saw to make the cuts ($40 at Home Depot).  Also notice the “white”… kind of… walls.  For that project:

I sanded and cleaned the area to be painted

Filled the holes with stainable (therefore paintable) wood filler, painted (using an exterior, water based all-in-one paint/primer) and then filled some more (picture above).

Painting was easiest with a roller + sponge brush.  I used the sponge to get corners and small areas and then rolled over everything for a clean look.

Filling was even easier, I just grabbed a $0.78 plastic putty knife and went to town – pushed filler into the hole, scraped away most of the excess, waited 30 minutes for filler to harden, and sanded for a smooth finish.

Other points of interest:

The project was running a little behind schedule so I employed some child labor

I found this while tearing out the desk (no it’s not mine)

But this is what it’s all about…

16 Responses to My First Night at Sea

  1. David Ochoa says:

    sure it’s not yours….

  2. Joe Cure says:

    Please… that color is hideous

  3. Tyler Howells says:

    Looking good buddy, can’t wait to see the finished product……..

  4. The Good Doctor says:

    Aye, matie. Looks like other people don’t study at their desks either.

  5. Lauren says:

    This is amazing!!!!

  6. Anty M. says:

    Interestingly enough, I almost didn’t get it. Looks like you have good company and good help. Reminds me of the help Papa got making bird houses. Memories do last a life time. Your patience and persistence are exemplary. Glad to see you living life of edge…

  7. Joe Cure says:

    Didn’t get it? Now I don’t get it 🙂

    You’re right, I was a fairly accomplished carpenter by age 3, master builder of birdhouses… kind of like this other guy who shared my initials

  8. Randy Cure says:

    Are you referring to the thong or the small child?

  9. mary cure says:

    Shame on you Joe: You were 2 not 3 when you achieved Master Builder status. Have to quit underestimating yourself. Confidence issues.

  10. Joe Cure says:

    Mother dear, I was simply being modest in order to not make other readers feel too bad about themselves. We both know the truth – even 2 is on the conservative side

  11. Robert Cure says:

    Where’s the Dramamine?

  12. Kelly says:

    so my only question is WHEN CAN I COME!!? I still have the vision of big pimpin on the yacht…I’d be an amazing and necessary escape from freakin land locked Kansas!

  13. Joe Cure says:

    RC – I got your dramamine right here old man

    KC – maybe after graduation you and your boy can take a trip down south 🙂

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