Thoughts on the Election From Across the Web

Here are some comments that were posted on various sites (both liberal and conservative) after Obama’s victory last night:

4am here in the UK, well worth staying up for. Well done America

Thanks from Australia on behalf of the world!

Like someone said, well worth staying up for. 6:42am here in Estonia

Man, McCain’s audience are d****. They have little respect even for McCain.

(In response to the repeated boos at the mention of Obama’s name during McCain’s concesion speech, even after he asked them to stop)

That was a great and honorable concession speech. Where was this supportive and agreeable McCain during the campaign?

I believe that the Republican party is so out of touch with this country and so bent on putting what they thought would be a “moderate” in office that they chose someone who was completely un-electable from the beginning. Most of us knew in our guts, that this race was lost when McCain was chosen. He is a great man, but he is not of Presidential mettle.

The Republican party’s movement towards radicalism and the right wing religious agenda has hijacked the Reagan legacy and left a leftist extreme left wing group in charge of the White House, Senate and House. The Republican’s own extreme right wing movement has crippled the “shining light on the hill”.

Hopefully, this will result in an absolute gutting of the party and a refurbishment involving younger republicans who are more fiscally and foreign policy conservative and less interested in dictating a social, religious and moral agenda to the American public. These agendas are what destroyed any chance the party had of taking the presidency. Radicalism is not something we want. We want stability and rights. With both of those, we get prosperity and respect.

S Davis

I have read many of the comments on this page and it deeply saddens me. America has always been the land of the free, the place where any and everything is possible. So many of these posts are so filled with hate, anger, and rage. Ask yourselves why you have these feelings? Is it because a black man won the election or is it because you honestly fill that the least qualified person won?

We are all Americans- it doesn’t matter if you are Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, straight, gay, service person or civilian. Even if you disagree, then there should still be respect. So fellow Americans, under one nation of God, give your RESPECT to our 44th President of the United States- President Barack Obama.

Update: these pictures from the Obama rally are pretty cool


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