Height of Stupidity: Supporting a Political Party Like a Sports Team

young-football-supporter1True sports fans are among the most passionate supporters in the world. They stick with their team through the good and the bad, triumph and defeat. To switch team affiliation is to renounce the very essence of one’s being.

Political parties are not sports teams. They are groups of people that represent different ideologies. Names change and ideologies change.

Twenty years ago the Republican Party stood for small government, low taxes and fiscal responsibility. It was officially pro-life but social issues with religious implications were largely left alone, or at the very least, for states to decide.

The Republican Party of the last five years bears very little resemblance to the party it was in the 80’s. For better or worse national security and instituting Christian principles have both taken precedence over economic and domestic policies. As a result, the national deficit has ballooned and domestic services like education, healthcare and social security have suffered; but we have increased our presence overseas and nouveaux Republicans would argue we are safer today as a result.

If you value instituting Christian principles and an interventionist foreign policy (and paying for it with tax dollars and the lives of our young people) you should be a Republican because the Republican Party represents these ideals.

However, if you were a Republican twenty years ago and are a Republican today because of that (or worse, because your parents are Republican) you are a complete moron. Today the Democratic Party is more closely aligned with traditional Republican values than the Republican party itself – don’t buy something you can’t pay for (i.e. a war), take care of home first (health care, education, etc.), and SMALL government (not expanding executive power to the greatest extent in our country’s history).

Reagan would have voted for Obama. His son and chief of staff both did. Again, if you’re a social conservative and don’t care as much about the economy or personal freedoms you should be and vote Republican. However, if you’re an old school conservative and like how the country operated under the Reagan administration (underhanded politics aside) you have a new party and a new leader.

Otherwise you’re a hypocrite – and worse – too dumb to realize it.


One Response to Height of Stupidity: Supporting a Political Party Like a Sports Team

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