The Alphabet According to Google

These are the most popular Google search terms for each letter.

A is for Amazon

B is for BBC

C is for CNN

D is for Dell

E is for Ebay (not earth)

F is for Facebook

G is for Google

H is for HP

I is for Images

J is for Jobs

K is for Kijiji

L is for Love

M is for MSN

N is for News

O is for Obama

P is for PayPal

Q is for Quotes

R is for Real Estate

S is for Sony

T is for Target

U is for UPS

V is for Video

W is for

X is for Xbox

Y is for Yahoo

Z is for Zune

3 Responses to The Alphabet According to Google

  1. mary cure says:


  2. Brad says:

    It’s all technology stuff. I smell a conspiracy! Not really… 😛

  3. Joe Cure says:

    Yes who would have thought people using technology would be interested in technology 🙂

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