You Know You’ve Committed Perjury If…

February 26, 2009

… your testimony is laughable… literally. From the Pirate Bay trial in Stockholm, Sweden (aka record companies v “illegal” music downloaders):

Pirate Bay Defense Attorney: Would people have purchased every music track they got free from file sharing?

John Kennedy IFPI CEO: Yes

Courtroom: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah

I’m speechless. Obviously the college kid who gets $50/week allowance from his parents but has a hard drive with 1 million downloaded songs could not have purchased every track he acquired “illegally.” This kind of closed-minded arrogance expressed by Mr. Kennedy’s testimony (that he knows full well to be false) is exactly why the archaic record companies are and should be struggling.

This Makes Me Happy Part XIII

February 2, 2009

André Rieu (waltz’s version of Michael Flatley) and his Johann Strauss Orchestra performing  The Second Waltz by Dmitri Shostakovich.  It gets going at the 0:35 mark