Senior High Sports goes tripple digets

February 17, 2008

Saturday was a big day for Senior High Sports, we had 100+ unique visitors in a day for the first time! We’re on pace for +20k page views in our first month, although less than a week in is a little early to start making metrics projections.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen (mostly my mom) and to all of you who couldn’t be bothered earlier go check it out. Now. We’ve been open to the public for a few days now so there are new Play of the Day videos and more of my brilliant prose.

Senior High Sports goes live in seven days and next week can’t come soon enough

January 27, 2008

Next Monday, February 4 the current password page will be removed from and after reading this article, that day can’t come soon enough.

Michelle Stiles, a volunteer coach for McKinley’s (NY) girls basketball team was unjustly terminated. Now Jayvonna Kincannon, the team captain and honor roll student, has been suspended for a total of seven weeks and kicked off of the team (in her senior year) for defending her coach.

There’s obviously a lot more to the story and I strongly urge you to read the aforementioned article from the Buffalo News, which explains the situation in detail.

As stated on our About page, the mission of Senior High Sports is “to provide a platform for the voices of passionate high school sports followers and participants to be heard.”

High school athletes are horribly underrepresented in the media and generally have very little recourse when treated unfairly by a coach, principle, or school board. I want this to end, and hopefully Senior High Sports will be one step in the right direction.